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Our Mission

We are a physician-run medical weight loss center, so our medical professionals have the evidence-based medical practices to help you reach your weight-loss and lifestyle goals.  Our team consists of Physicians, Registered-nurses, Dietician, Nutrition Coaches, Wellness Consultants, and  Personal Trainers.  Our full-service team will monitor and support you throughout the weight loss process and will help you after you have achieved your healthy weight loss.  We provide a realistic approach to weight loss with an emphasis on lifelong weight management.


If you’ve been struggling alone, then now is the time to find a weight loss partner who can help you. You deserve to be happy and healthy. You can do it and we are ready to help.


Please contact us at (855)MED-LOSS to schedule your consultation with one of our wellness consultants. You can also email our new patient team at:


MedLoss is expanding into other locations.  Be on the lookout for a location near you!


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           Thank you for choosing MedLoss. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthy weight-loss goals.